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Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection ‘Batch Proof’ Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey


woodford reserve batch proof


Woodford Reserve Batch Proof For Sale:

Woodford Reserve hails straight from the historical source of whiskey in the United States, Kentucky. Their distillery is located outside of the town Versailles, built on the site where in 1812, Elijah Pepper first began distilling what we would recognize as bourbon and rye whiskey today. After Elijah died, his son Oscar took over operations of the building and employed James Crow as his master distiller. James Crow famously produced Old Crow Whiskey in the same distillery, a staple in bar wells across America. Woodford Reserve is very proud of the history of the land and looks to honor traditions while cultivating innovation.

Woodford Reserve Batch Proof is a part of the annually released Master’s Collection. The Master’s Collection looks to highlight one of five components of distillation with each release: water, grain, fermentation, distillation, and maturation. Their Batch proof releases showcase the maturation of the whiskey in the oak barrel. Another previous release featured the same whiskey aged in two different oak barrels to highlight the terroir. The Master’s Collection is an interesting way to look at the whiskey and to really dig into the impact that each of those five elements will have on the flavors of the spirit.


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