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Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection ‘Oat Grain’ Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey


woodford oat grain


Woodford Master’s Collection Oat Grain:

The Master’s Collection from Woodford Reserve is a series that highlights one of five elements in whiskey production: water, grain, fermentation, distillation, and maturation. Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection Oat Grain Kentucky Bourbon focuses on the grain. Oats are included in the mash bill recipe, reducing the rye content typically used by the brand. This straight Kentucky bourbon bears no age statement and is bottled at 45.2% ABV. Available in the US exclusively beginning fall 2018.

Woodford Oat Grain: TASTING NOTES

“This intriguing bourbon from Woodford swaps out some of the typical rye for softer oats, and the resulting whiskey reflects that. Notes of cherrywood, maple, vanilla, and hazelnut come through on the palate, with a mildly sweet finish. It’s a very sippable spirit, easy to enjoy neat.”


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