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Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection ‘Select American Oak’ Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey


woodford American oak


Select American Oak Whiskey:

For the last 13 years, Woodford Reserve and its master distiller Chris Morris have been putting out their annual, coveted Master’s Collection whiskeys. Usually bourbon, sometimes not, and always highly anticipated, Morris’s pledge to the world has always been that he would never repeat a release (though he’s come close a time or two) as he explored one element or another that impacted the way a whiskey came together.

This year, Woodford throws a new curveball by offering two special edition whiskeys instead of just one for your consideration. It’s not exactly the first time Woodford’s had two Master’s Collection releases — the infamously bad malt whiskey releases as well as Woodford’s solid rye experiments both came in two versions — but this is the first time that two totally different whiskeys have been released in the same year under the Master’s Collection label. To be clear: The two are both experimental bourbons, but otherwise, they really have nothing to do with one another.


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