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W.L. Weller Bourbon Whiskey



Original Wheated Bourbon Whiskey:


As part of Buffalo Trace’s wheat line, that in itself is reason enough to notice. All of Buffalo Trace’s wheat line originates from the same basic mashbill. That includes Weller Antique 107, Weller 12 Year, BTAC’s William Larue Weller, and the infamous Pappy Van Winkle line. As the story goes, the Weller barrels are in a different location in Buffalo Trace’s warehouses than the Van Winkles barrels, but the basic recipe is the still same. Overall this is one of the most straightforward bourbons Buffalo Trace puts out. There’s not a lot unique or memorable here, but a perfect candidate for an everyday decanter bourbon.


In the $20 range, this is a fantastic bourbon. It may not have the depth of more expensive bourbon, but it’s one that is relatively easy to find and priced right. If you’re new to bourbon, the Weller line is the place to start your journey. As more people seek this out price is beginning to increase. Be careful with this one. While it’s an enjoyable sip, it’s not quite a  $35+ bourbon. Keep your expectations (and wallet) in check with this one.


Easy to drink, easy to love, this is a bourbon anyone can enjoy.

W.L. Weller Special Reserve is a fantastic entry-level bourbon that is both easy to drink and easy on the wallet. It’s easily one of the best bourbons in its class and a great place for new bourbon drinkers to start. Its sweet palate and minor burn make it very accessible to anyone.


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